Our story about wine at family farm Leber Vračko begins way back in 1795, and still nowadays at Opok27 we maintain the basic principles of wine production from the old days.

Our vineyards cover seven hectares and are mostly planted with typical Styrian white wine varieties. Location of the vineyards provide optimum exposure to the sun while our hands take care of the health and beauty of the vines. All the grapes are hand picked and with careful selection at the harvest we guarantee the best quality of the grapes for our wines. This uncompromised approach requires perfectly riped and healthy grapes, only this way individual varieties can show their potential and their particularities. In the winecellar, therefore, it is only to preserve what was hidden in the grapes. The fresh wines are matured in steel tanks, wines of special locations and special vintages mature in oak barrels or amphoras.

Not what is currently modern, but only the wines, we like to drink ourselves, find their way to the bottle. The bottles of our wines with its sophisticated design also reflect our interest in aesthetics .

Our wine values: no insecticides, no herbicides, no glyphosates, regional quality, minimal intervention!


Hand-picked grapes, production of sparkling wines by different methods.


Hand-picked grapes, 24-hour skin contact, fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks.


Hand-picked grapes, 24-hour skin contact, fermentation and aging in used barrique barrels.


Hand-picked grapes, maceration fermentation and aging in staineless steel tanks.


Fortified wine, naturally flavoured with lemon and various botanicals