Macerated wines

Hand-picked grapes, maceration fermentation in clay amphora and aging in used wooden barrels.


Riesling Italico Macera

Fasten your seat belts: fully ripe stone fruits, animalistic traces, moist forest floor and and and… Even the nose alone can hardly get enough of this eccentric power. A sparkling furioso on the palate – fiery, aromatic and still wonderfully fresh. The full power lasts almost forever in the finish, the aromas become even more accentuated and the grand finale becomes a firework of aromas and feelings. Wow!


Riesling Italico Amphora

The delicate red-gold color lets the anticipation grow – and then: In the nose, a whole set of aromas lies between the tightly meshed minerality. Sometimes dried herbs, sometimes dried fruits, sometimes fresh mint, sometimes pineapple. On the palate, there is a fine saltiness underneath, a touch of caramel on top. The clearly structured character holds the golden aroma image in a fixed frame and makes the amphora large and accessible at the same time.


Pinot gris Amphora

The blazing brick-red lets us expect something fiery! On a cooling, salty sea breeze in the nose lies a delicately tart, resinous base on which aromas such as plum, blood orange, cinnamon and fleshy accents are paired. On the palate, the rigor is lost in noble elegance. The aromas remain present for a long, long time without showing off, and the clear structure leads to a never-ending, almost creamy finish with a desire for (much) more.