Fresh wines

Hand-picked grapes, 24-hour skin contact, fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks.



A herbal seasoning rubs and hugs juicy and ripe fruit. On the palate, the fruit notes get the seductive upper hand, although the finely dosed acidity gives the herbs strength and structure. The finale is fruity, juicy, long and almost creamy.



Pinot gris

Steel freshness of the wine is decorated with clearly structured fruit of red elder, grapefruit, apple and a touch of moist woodland. The clearly structured acidity leaves place for smoky minerals and binds the palate together with the tingling fruit into an extreme refreshing final.



Yellow muscat

If there would be grape-honey, you would find it in this wine! Underneath there is a foundation of mint, pomelo and oriental spices. The subtle, yet stimulating acidity, immediately leaves room for crackling minerals before there is a regular “flavour flashback” of full-bodied, golden, ellow and plump grapes with a dust of Muscat, and the wine melts in a splendid fullness.




On a green, floral base, a carpet of fruit with apricot and banana is embedded in the nose. On the palate, it becomes a wonderful and teasing cooperation. Still spurred on by the fresh acidity, the wine is lost in a fun and stimulating finale.